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 Let us take you out to explore Roatan's amazing reef.  With an incredible variety of over 80 dive sites in the Roatan Marine Park, you will not be disappointed! 

Whether you like sheer wall, sandy flats, swimthroughs, drift dives, challenging currents, deep dives, shallow dives we will find the dive site for you.  Check out our Dive Schedule to see which trips suit you best, and take a look at our Dive Sites to see descriptions of some of the signature dive sites that feature on our weekly schedule.  We select our dive sites based on where we are likely to have the best conditions, mooring availability and we try to ensure that you will not be repeating dive sites during your stay (unless you want to, of course!) See our Price list, for more information on dive packages.

Our experienced instructors have thousands of dives all over the reef, so you can be sure that you will get the best dive profiles to suit your preferences and your experience.

At the end of your stay, you will receive a print-out which features all your dive log information, so that you don't need to worry about keeping track of the specifics of your dives.  Don't have your own equipment?  We have a selection of Rental Gear available to suit your needs.


frequently asked questions

why should we choose your shop?

Read our trip advisor reviews and then make your decision.  A decision should be made upon safety first and experience. Our dive instructors here have combined over 35 years of experience.

How Deep and long will i dive?

First dive of the day is along deep wall or one of the shipwrecks, we max out our depths to 120ft / 36mts. Time limit is 60 to 75 min, or 700psi / 50 bar. First one low on air, not to worry, every single dive has an instructor and divemaster intern present, the only shop in west end that can offer this service.  The intern will safely guide you up to your safety stop while the rest of the group continues diving.

Enjoy your surface interval on the boat with sun or shade to choose from.  We are the only shop in Roatan that stays out for two dives in the morning, making sure we get the best dive sites that Roatan has to offer.  2nd dive of the morning will have you diving along the wall to a max depth of 60ft / 18 mts for 60 to 70 min again depending on air consumption.  Heavy breather not to worry, see what scuba tanks we have available, click here.

Do we have snacks on board?

Our dive boats have iced drinking water on board, if you do need a snack in between dives, it is very easy to pick up something from the mini-market next door or from the fruit stand across the road. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks on board.

Do you see turtles?

Roatan is famous for the amount of turtles we have year round. We see hawksbill and green turtles on most dives. 


Is your ladder difficult to climb up?

No, as it was built for divers by a diver.  It is a strong aluminum ladder that sits on a 40' angle, having your first couple steps in the water and then walking up, not climbing up.  Many of the other scuba operators have ladders that you have to climb up, NOT ours.... It takes boat diving to a whole new level.






Is the water cold?

The water temperature typically varies from 79f in winter to 84f in summer, we offer a variety of wetsuits from 3mm shorties to 5mm long suits and 3mm farmer johns. 

do you rent cameras?

Yes, we have Canon cameras at the dive shop for rental for $30 a day to include the SD card from our in-house photographer. Go to photography options for more details. If you have your own camera then we have a nice big freshwater bucket for your camera gear on each of our boats. However, we also would like that you can show good buoyancy skills whilst out on the dive. Buoyancy first, photo second!

do you have a dock?

Yes we are the only shop in Half Moon Bay in West End that has a dock, making your scuba diving experience with us much more enjoyable.  You don't have to be the divers that hold their dry bags out of the water as you walk into the cold rough surf and awkwardly struggle to climb aboard a panga boat.

 coconut tree divers scuba diving boat bottom time, it is sitting along a side a dock that scuba divers acan walk down a comforatbly enter the boat.

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