There are many excellent medical professionals on Roatan, however the facilities may not be what you are used to. Here is a list and contact numbers for the Hospitals and clinics.

Anthony's Key Resort  2445 3003       (Hyberbaric Chamber, 5min taxi ride)
Woods Medical Center             2445 1031
Clinica Ezperanza                     2445 3224
Public Hospital Coxen Hole     2445 1227
Medicentro La Ceiba                2440 3737

Medical services are available on Roatan and are well spread throughout the island. Towards the west there is medical staff available at Anthony‚Äôs Key Resort, home of the Hyberbaric Chamber. Coxen Hole has the main public hospital for the island, but there is also Woods Medical Clinic.  Serious injuries or severe conditions should head to the mainland.