proudly the only shop that does 4 dives a day + night dives

9:00 AM - Two-Tank Advanced Dive trips

Our two-tank morning dive trip is designed for PADI Advanced Open Water certified or sufficiently experienced divers. Every morning we head out to a different pair of sites in the Roatan Marine Park. The first dive site typically has a maximum depth in the range of 24-40 meters/80-130 feet along sheer walls, down to deep wrecks and with exciting currents. All dives are 60 minutes or longer.  We then take an hour surface interval while we drive to the next site, during which you can soak up rays and grab some ice water aboard one of our large covered boats. The second dive takes place in the shallows where you'll explore the many swimthrus, caves, and coral beds that lie above 18 meters/60 feet.

1:00 PM & 2:30 PM - Single-Tank Fun Dives and Snorkeling

Both of our afternoon dives are designed for certified divers of all experience levels. With a maximum depth of 18 meters/60 feet for 60 minutes, there's something for novices and veterans alike as we glide over the shallow walls and reefs near West End.  If you would rather spend some time on the surface, you can snorkel during these dives for only $10 per person, including snorkel equipment.  Children on the boat must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.


night dives

Our night dives are available for dive groups of four or more at an additional USD 10 per night dive (regular days are Tuesday and Thursday although other weekdays are available on request).  The boat leaves the dock at sunset, bound for a nearby shallow site where you can easily find octopus, lobsters, and crabs scurrying about.  Experience "lights out" for a swim in the moonlight or on dark nights, the "string of pearls" bioluminescence.

Diving in inclement weather

Water conditions in the West End are usually very favorable to diving; flat seas and crystal clear visibility are the norm.  Unfortunately, the odd storm can occasionally make this area unsuitable for safe diving.  In the event of inclement weather, we bring Potlicker around the point to dive the South Shore of the island from our dock space in Flowers Bay, a 7min car ride away from the dive shop.  Regardless of weather, if you want to dive we'll find a way to get you wet!

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