Caribbean reef fish of Roatan

Here are some photographs of just some of the variety of fish we have here in Roatan, Honduras. The location of these shots are mostly taken in dive sites ranging from Pablo's to Spooky Channel. How many can you identify? If you haven't done so already, ask to do a fish identification dive and one of the instructors will go through with you, the best techniques for finding and learning as many fish as possible.

All photographs are taking by the talented Alex Harper-Graham find more photos by clicking the link

Some of these fish can be spotted swimming amongst the beautiful mesoamerican reef, and the others are more shy and hide in the coral and take cover from predators.

As the staff are busy looking for exotic features and creatures for you, safety is still our first concern with our customers making sure we do air checks when needed and not to worry if you run low on air, we always have a divemaster intern that will assist your safety stop and buddy with you back to the ladder.

 a lionfish spotted by a scuba diver diving with coconut tree divers in west end, roatan

Be sure to follow us next week on an adventure, we haven't been able to promote funday friday lately because of weather issues.  Next week will be worth waiting for, make sure to follow along.......  happy bubbles from CTD