Specialty Trips

Take a trip to the Big Bight lagoon to explore some of the most beautiful lagoon diving this island has to offer.  Check out the far east end at Morat Wall and Barbaret for some seriously pristine reef.  Head out to Dolphin's Den or Double D wall for some spectacular formations.  Park up at the world-famous Mary's Place to see what all the hype is about.

 A diver passes through the caverns at "Dolphins Den" in Polly Tilly.

A diver passes through the caverns at "Dolphins Den" in Polly Tilly.

Day Trips

Now we may not be the fastest boat on the reef, what we lack in speed we make up with FUN!!  WHY be the first boat there and back, those dive centers are all about taking your money.  We have surround sound USB, CD, AUX ready Sony stereo player, we have all PENN reels and rods fishing equipment, if it rains we have a covered boat in which 95% of other dive centers do not have.  With lunch included, and the capacity for 50 tanks, our specialty trips can make a great highlight your diving vacation.  Destinations are, of course, weather and conditions permitting.

Contact us for more information on chartering the boat or to book your specialty trip now!

Dolphins Den

Let us take you on an adventure to Politilly Bight on the north end of the island and take you on a tour of a famous divesite and I'll tell you why we call it Dolphin's Den. 

 specialty boat trips with coconut tree divers

Big Bight

Big Bight channel is a deep channel that has a variety of dive sites all around.  For the surface interval we will sit on the inside of the reef and let the customers enjoy their lunch and go for a snorkel and sunning while we do our surface interval.